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The National Association of Record Industry Professional (NARIP.com) is the biggest music business network in the world, now reaching over 130,000+ around the world. Formed in 1998, NARIP brings together the brightest minds and leading innovators in the global record and music industries.

NARIP promoted the cultural and economic benefits of music and copyright in the US and abroad, and provides a platform to convey insights and perspectives to improve our business.

NARIP’s Mission

Our mission is to create access for YOU to the top executives and experts in the music and record industries, many of whom are NARIP members and who have spoken at past NARIP events (see partial list below).

To access the top experts in the field NARIP organizes Music Supervisor Sessions (helping many members successfully market their music catalogs and almost 200 placements to date), A&R Pitch Sessions, private dinners, seminars, cocktail mixers and brunches.

NARIP membership gives you excellent return on investment, it pays to belong! Here are benefits you receive:

1. Access to a global network of professionals. NARIP maintains resource and contact lists for its members of top music attorneys, music supervisors, headhunters with a music industry specialization, music and record execs, independent distributors, digital distributors, gaming resources for music placement, and more.

2. Learn about key areas of the industry from top experts in their respective fields such as A&R, marketing, law, artist development, producing, distribution, publicity, international marketing, new media, music supervision, music publishing, artist management and many more.

3. Get clients for your business. In addition to networking opportunities, NARIP member profiles are published on our high-traffic site, a great market place for your services.

4. Pitch directly to world-class music supervisors and A&R executives (over 200 placements for NARIP members to date).

5. Get the benefit of 25+ years of understanding through NARIP’s knowledge database.

6. We get people jobs (seriously, as around, and click here for the latest).

7. Reduced cost for NARIP Career Strategy Sessions and consulting from industry experts who are NARIP members and/or part of NARIP’s professional referral network.

We invite your suggestions for specific executives you’d like to hear from (or general types) and programming to meet your needs. Please call or email us at 818-769-7007 or email info AT narip DOT com.


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Partial list of speakers from past NARIP events

NARIP’s mission is to create access for you to the top experts in the field like these who have spoken at past NARIP events. Please note that titles reflect the executive’s position at the last time he or she

appeared (many have spoken on more than one occasion), and a number of execs have since moved up or out. Sadly, four of them have passed away: Chris Arnstein, Paul Atkinson, Ian Copeland, Jeffrey Jolsen-Coburn and Jon Bergen. May they rest in peace and be fondly remembered and deeply appreciated for all they have done for our industry.

You are kindly advised to consider packing a sack lunch before starting to read this long list
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Advertising & Branding
Artist Managers
Concert Industry (Agents, Talent Bookers, Fan Marketing)
Marketing & Publicity
Merchandising & Endorsements
Music Publishing, Licensing, Film Music
Music Supervisors
Press, Social Media, PR
Radio / Promotion
Record Labels


  • John Kirkpatrick, VP of A&R / Soundtracks, Elektra Entertainment Group
  • Mark Brown, Director of A&R, Priority Records, the label that gave the world N.W.A.
  • Paul Atkinson, former lead guitarist of The Zombies and head of A&R for 3 major multinational record groups
  • Aton Ben-Horin, Global Director of A&R, Warner Music Group
  • Jeff Vaughn, Director of A&R at Artist Publishing Group
  • Mio Vukovic, Vice President of A&R/Head of Creative for the Disney Music Group
  • Riggs Morales, VP of A&R & Artist Development at Atlantic Records
  • Violet Brown, Strange Music’s VP of Artist & Label Development
  • Ron Fair, Chief Creative Officer / Executive Vice President at Virgin Records America
  • Perry Watts-Russell, Senior VP of A&R, Warner Bros. Records
  • Craig Streaman, Manager of A&R, Taxi
  • Danny Carter, A&R, Interscope Records
  • David Wilkes, VP of A&R, KOCH Entertainment
  • Derrick Smith, A&R Rep, SpinRecords.com
  • Eddie Singleton, Director of Urban A&R, Warner Bros. Records
  • Evan Peters, Director of A&R, Virgin Records America
  • Isaac Heymann, VP of A&R, Epic Records
  • Jeff Blue, Senior VP of A&R, RCA Music Group
  • Jeff Fenster, Executive VP of A&R, Warner Bros. Records
  • Jeff Vaughn, Director of A&R, Artist Publishing Group
  • Joe Poindexter, A&R, Hollywood Records
  • Mitchell Leib, Senior VP, Soundtracks & A&R, Hollywood Records
  • Peter Cohen, Director of A&R, Epic Records
  • Kevin Shine, The F.I.R.M., Executive Consultant / A&R for Reckless Recording / Universal
  • Mark Kates, Director of A&R, Geffen Records
  • Mark Mazzetti, President, Record Company In A Box
  • Mike Nardone, Director of A&R, Jive Records
  • Mio Vukovic, Senior Vice President, Head of Creative, Artists & Repertoire, Disney Music Group
  • Raychel Jones, I Beat Daily
  • Rich Rolyn, A&R, Beautiful Noyze
  • Riggs Morales, VP of A&R and Artist Development, Atlantic Records
  • Ron Fair, Chief Creative Officer / Executive Vice President – Virgin Records America – a division of the Capitol/Universal Music Group
  • Serge Durand, A&R Consultant, Atlantic Records / Jermain Dupri’s So So Def Management
  • Violet Brown, VP of Label & Artist Development, Strange Records

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Advertising & Branding

  • Cheryl R. Berman, Founder, UnBundled Creative
  • Dave Micko, Technology Evanglist, Biztech Innovation Network, Best Buy
  • Elaine Dennis, Manager of Interactive Music, Apple Computer, Inc.
  • Eric Johnson, Search Party Music
  • Grace Rodriguez, Founder, AynBrand.com
  • Jason Zada, Director at Tool, former Executive Creative Director and Founder of EVB
  • Jeff Daniel, President, Rock River Music
  • Jeff Daniels, President & CEO, Rock River Music
  • Josh Rabinowitz, Senior Vice President/Director of Music, Grey Group
  • Lauren King, Executive Producer, Young & Rubicam
  • Marcus Peterzell, Managing Director, Engagement and Entertainment
  • Marisa Wasser, Senior Producer / Music Supervisor, Deutsch, Inc.
  • Mike Tunnicliffe, Founder & President, Tuna Music & Partners, and Advertising Age Columnist
  • Ryan Fitch, Music Producer, Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Tena Clark, platinum producer, Founder and CEO / Chief Creative Officer of DMI Music Branding Group
  • Umut Özaydinli, Founder & Chief of Possibilities, Deviant Ventures (former Global Music Marketing Manager, Worldwide Sports & Entertainment Marketing, Coca-Cola, now Deviant’s client)

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Artist Managers

  • Aaron Walton, President, Aaron Walton Entertainment
  • Alan Wolmark, CEC Management
  • Allen Kovac, President & CEO, Left Bank Organization
  • Andy Gould, Spectacle Entertainment Group (multiple dates)
  • Arthur Spivak, The Firm Entertainment
  • Ben Laski, Sonic Management and the Law Offices of Ben Laski
  • Bill Leopold, Leopold Management
  • Brett Williams, New Noise Management
  • Carol Peters, Peters Management Syndicate (multiple dates)
  • Charlie Brusco, Red Light Artist Management
  • Clay Cook, Zac Brown Band, Multi-Instrumentalist
  • Dan Strader, President, Geodesic Management
  • David “Beno” Benveniste, President, Velvet Hammer Music & Mgmt Group / Streetwise Concepts & Culture
  • Emily White, Whitesmith Entertainment, Inc., Readymade Records & Publishing Entertainment Group
  • Howie Edelman, Dottore-DuBois Artist Management
  • Jake Versluis, Founder, Verse Management
  • Jared Rosenberg, Wright Crear Management
  • Jason Spiewak, JLS Artist Management
  • Jennifer Yeko, True Talent Management
  • Joe Hegleman, Ron Shapiro Management
  • Jonathan Daniel, CRUSH Management (Panic! At The Disco, Train, Fall Out Boy)
  • Jordan Berliant, Manager, The Collective
  • Keith Ghion, President, Geodesic Management
  • Ken Kragen, artist manager
  • Lisa Van Zuidam, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer, Tenth Street Entertainment and The Eleven Seven Music Group
  • Lynn Oliver, General Manager, Southern Ground Artists (Zac Brown Band)
  • Martin W. Winsch, President/CEO Mountain Ent., Inc., Corey Smith Personal Manager
  • Mastin Kipp, Partner, The BAM Group
  • Mike Gormley, Artist Manager & Marketing Consultant, Yes Dear Entertainment
  • Patrick Whalen, Founder, Fast Paced Management, LLC
  • Peter Katsis, Senior VP, The Firm Entertainment
  • Rick Sales, Sanctuary Management Group
  • Sean “Jo Blo” Johnson, Blo Entertainment
  • Sterling Bacon, Red Light Artist Management
  • Steve Rennie, President, REN Management
  • Steve Ross, artist manager, agent and attorney, The Broken Caravan Agency
  • Tom Consolo, Partner, azoffmusic management co.
  • Tracy Matthews, President, TME Company
  • Zach Katz, Esq., Partner in Beluga Heights and artist manager
  • Zach Yoshioka, K&Z Entertainment / Powerline Management

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  • Al Schlesinger, Esq.
  • Al Staehely, Esq., Music Lawyer
  • Alan S. Clarke, Esq., The Entertainment Law Group, Alan S. Clarke & Associates
  • Alisa deRosa, Esq., Grubman Indursky & Shire, P.C.
  • Anita Rivas, Esq., Walner & Rivas
  • Anthony Berman, Attorney At Law, Berman Entertainment And Technology Law
  • Ben Laski, Sonic Management and the Law Offices of Ben Laski
  • Ben Mclane, Esq., McLane & Wong, music & entertainment attorney
  • Bernard M. Resnick, Esq., Law Offices of Bernard M. Resnick, Esq., P.C.
  • Beth Bachman, Esq., Associate at The Sidman Law Firm
  • Darryl Franklin, Esq., Business & Legal Affairs, Interscope, Geffen, A&M Records
  • David E. Leibowitz, Esq., Executive VP, General Counsel, Recording Industry Association of America
  • David Kostiner, Esq.
  • David M. Ehrlich, Esq., Abrams, Garfinkel, Margolis, Bergson, LLP
  • Dean Serwin, Esq.
  • Dina LaPolt, Esq., LaPolt Law LLC
  • Eric Custer, Esq., Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLC
  • Eric Ferraro, Esq., Music & Digital Media Attorney, Bullivant Houser & Bailey PC
  • Evita G. Kaigler, Esq., Music & Entertainment Attorney
  • Gabe Fleet, Esq., Greenberg Traurig
  • Garrett M. Johnson, Esq., Attorney At Law, Bozeman Law Firm
  • Gene Salomon, Esq., Partner, Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp
  • Geoff Piper, Esq., Artist Manager and Attorney
  • Greg Weisman, Esq. Partner/Shareholder with Silver & Freedman, PLC
  • Gregory N. Weisman, Esq., Ritholz Levy Sanders Chidekel & Fields
  • J. Reid Hunter, Esq., Serling, Rooks, Ferrara, McKoy & Worob, LLP
  • Jaime Herman, Esq., Sloss Eckouse Brennan LLP
  • Jason Pascal, Esq., VP & Associate General Counsel, The Orchard Enterprises, Inc.
  • Jay Rosenthal, Esq., Berliner, Corcoran & Rowe, LLP
  • Jeff Brabec, Esq., VP of Business Affairs, Chrysalis Music Group
  • Jeffrey M. Liebenson, Esq., Liebenson Law
  • Jennifer Burke Sylva, Esq., music and convergence attorney
  • Jim Charne, Esq., music and interactive software entertainment attorney
  • Jim Cooperman, Esq.
  • Jonathan Earp, Esq., VP of Business & Legal Affairs, IODA Alliance
  • Kendall A. Minter, Esq., Minter & Associates, LLC
  • Kenneth Burry, Esq., Greenberg Traurig
  • Kenneth Hertz, Esq., Partner, Hansen, Jacobsen, Teller et al.
  • Kevon Glickman, Esq., President, Invincible Pictures
  • Larry Kenswil, Esq., President, Universal Music Group’s eLabs
  • Lee Morin, Esq., Music & Entertainment Attorney
  • Leslie Warren Cross, Jr., Esq., Music & Entertainment Attorney
  • Lisa Moore, Esq., Moore Law Firm
  • M. James Cooperman, Esq., COO & EVP Business and Legal Affairs, Wind-Up Entertainment, Inc.
  • Marc Greenberg, Esq., Professor of Law, Director of IP Law Program, Golden Gate University School of Law
  • Michael Aczon, Esq., Law Offices of Michael Aczon
  • Michael Burg, Esq., Music & Entertainment Attorney
  • Monica E. Ewing, Esq., Music & Entertainment Attorney
  • Paul Farberman, Business & Legal Affairs, Celine Dion
  • Peter S. Matorin, Esq., Managing Partner, Beldock Levine & Hoffman LLP
  • Philip E. Daniels, Esq., Daniels Media Law
  • Rob Hassett, Esq., Music & Games Attorney
  • Roger L. Cramer, Esq., Selverne & Company, PLLC
  • Roxell Richards, Esq., Entertainment Attorney
  • Russell Frackman, Esq., Partner, Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp
  • Sabrina Ment, Esq. – LaPolt Law LLC
  • Scott Sanders, Music & Entertainment Attorney
  • Shawn Nolan, Music & Entertainment Attorney
  • Stephen S. Sidman, Esq., The Sidman Law Firm, LLC (multiple dates)
  • Steve Gordon, Esq., Entertainment Attorney
  • Steven Ames Brown, Esq., Attorney and Artist Rights Advocate
  • Steven S. Sidman, Esq., Greenberg Traurig
  • Steven Winogradsky, Esq., Partner, Winogradsky & Sobel
  • Todd Brabec, Esq., Executive VP, ASCAP
  • Todd Cooper, Esq., Greenberg Traurig (multiple dates)
  • Todd M. Gascon, Esq., Entertainment And Technology Lawyer, Zent Law Group
  • Tom Fox, Esq., TL Fox & Associates
  • Tony Berman, Esq., Berman Entertainment and Technology Law
  • Whitney Broussard, Esq.
  • Zach Katz, Esq., Partner in Beluga Heights and artist manager

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Concert Industry (Agents, Talent Bookers, Fan Marketing)

  • Aaron Pinkus, Paradigm Agency
  • Alan Beck, President, ITP Records, Pacific Concert Group and artist
  • Barbara Wardell, Manager of Human Resources, William Morris Agency
  • Bill Silva, President, House of Blues/Hewitt/Silva, Bill Silva Management and Silva Touring
  • Brad Broadrick, Talent Buyer, Rock Solid Entertainment Presents
  • Brandon Mize, Rival Entertainment
  • Brice Rosenbloom, Founder, boomBOOM Presents
  • Bruce Kalmick, Partner, Ambiance Artists
  • Chris Arnstein, CEO of the Arnstein Organization
  • Corrie Christopher, Agent, The Agency Group
  • David Gordoni, Booking Agent, NUE Agency
  • Dell Furano, head of Live Nation’s merchandising division
  • Emily Warren, Talent Booker, Smith’s Olde Bar
  • Erik Koral, President, FAN Manager Marketing & Promotions
  • Ian Copeland, Founder and President, Frontier Booking International
  • Jeremiah Gratza, Promoter, Stateside Presents
  • Joan Rosenberg, Director of Marketing, Yoshi’s Nightclub
  • Jorge Pinos, Senior VP, International Department, William Morris Agency
  • Marc Geiger, VP of A&R and Artist Development, American Recordings
  • Marty Diamond, head of Paradigm Talent Agency’s East Coast Music Division
  • Mastin Kipp, Partner, The BAM Group
  • Moss Jacobs, VP of Talent Acquisition, Nederlander Concerts (multiple dates)
  • Pam Moore, Booking Agent, Happy Bookers
  • Peter Sotos, Epic Proportions Tour and Fireball Music Management
  • Rory Felton, Partner, The Militia Group
  • Scott Morris, Music Agent, ICM
  • Scott Orvold, Talent Booker, The Georgia Theatre
  • Sean McPherson, East Atlanta Recording, Talent Booker
  • Stephen Chilton, Promoter, Psyko Steve Presents
  • Steve Lurie, President, Music Without Borders
  • Steve Ross, Principal, Raving Loon Management and The Broken Caravan Agency
  • Susan Rosenbluth, VP / General Manager Southern CA, AEG Live
  • William Reed, Promoter / Live DJ / Radio DJ

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  • Armando Sanchez, President, South Central Music Source, LLC (dba South Central Music)
  • Arne Lucas, Director of Mobile Marketing, INgrooves
  • Bryn Boughton, Chief Marketing Officer, IRIS Distribution & BlinkerActive
  • Clay Pasternack, President, Clay Pasternack, Inc.
  • Dave Mount, Chairman & CEO, WEA, Inc.
  • Eric Lemasters, VP of Business Development at KOCH Entertainment Distribution.
  • Franz, President & Founder, Independent Distribution Collective
  • Humberto Carmona, Manager of Business Development, IODA Alliance
  • Jason Kadlec, Director of Business Development, INgrooves
  • Jason Pascal, Esq., VP & Associate General Counsel, The Orchard Enterprises, Inc.
  • Jennifer Burke Sylva, Music & Convergence Attorney
  • Jim Cuomo, President, RYKO Distribution
  • Jim Urie, President, Universal Music & Video Distribution (multiple dates)
  • John Esposito, President, WEA, Inc.
  • John Fetto, Founder, J Distribution
  • Kurt Kunselman, Director of Digital Distribution / Business Development, Independent Distribution Collective
  • Matthew Wettergreen, Co-Founder, Caroline Collective
  • Nichelle Poindexter, Senior VP, Music World Entertainment’s Music World Gospel division
  • Ric Curtice, Sales, Marketing & Distribution Executive, Prime Time Entertainment
  • Richard Cottrell, President & CEO, EMI Music Distribution
  • Roger L. Cramer, Esq., Selverne & Company, PLLC
  • Romain Vivien, COO, Believe Digital (France)
  • Steffen Franz aka Stand Out Selector, Founder Independent Distribution Collective
  • Steven Corn, CEO of BFM Digital
  • Tim Mitchell, VP of Marketing (and deal-maker), IODA Alliance
  • Wendy Schlesinger, VP of Marketing, BMG Distribution and BMGCentral.com

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  • Alex Hackford is Director of A&R at Sony Computer Entertainment / Playstation
  • Andrew Greenberg, President, Georgia Game Developers Association
  • Brandon Young, Activision Publishing, Inc.’s Music Department, Director of Music Affairs
  • Chris Hood, Chief Creative Officer, Blind Squirrel Games
  • Chuck Doud, Director of Music Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios America
  • Jessica Gore, Sound Designer and Composer, Xaviant Studios
  • Matt Levine, Music Supervisor, Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Maya Halfon, Music Supervisor, Microsoft, specializing in videogames for Xbox
  • Michael Rajna, Director of Licensing, Konami
  • Paul DeGooyer, Senior VP, Electronic Games / Music/Programming, MTV
  • Raphaella Lima, Music Supervisor, Electronic Arts
  • Scott McDaniel, Activision Blizzard, Senior Music Supervisor
  • Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios America
  • Stacey Horricks, Music Supervisor / Producer, MassiveMusic New York

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Marketing & Publicity

  • Erik Koral, President, FAN Manager Marketing & Promotions
  • Ami Blackwell, Founder, Spindrift Media & Entertainment
  • Andre Fuller, CEO of Fullreal Entertainment, Director of Product Marketing at BMG Entertainment
  • Ariel Hyatt, Founder of Ariel Publicity & Cyber PR
  • Arne Lucas, Director of Mobile Marketing, INgrooves
  • Bessoff, Partner, Indie Hitmaker
  • Brad Hunt, Senior VP of Marketing, Zoo Entertainment
  • Eileen Tilson, VP of New Media Marketing & PR at Tipping Point
  • Eric de Fontenay, Founder of MusicDish LLC, Artist Development
  • Eric Lochtefeld, President, Grass Roots Event Marketing
  • Garson Foos, Senior VP of Marketing, Rhino Records
  • Gian Fiero, Independent A&R Specialist
  • Harry Redinger, President, Strategic Path Group
  • Hayley Cammarata, Digital/Strategic Marketing Product Manager, Decca Label Group/Universal Music Group
  • Hisham Dahud, Music and Technology Analyst at Hypebot.com & Business Dev at Fame House
  • Jason Coochwytewa, President, Red Note, Inc.
  • Jason Feinberg, President & Founder, On Target Media Group
  • Jeff Rabhan, CEO, Three Ring Projects
  • Jeremy Hammond, VP / Marketing Director, MCA Records
  • Jon Bergen, Founder, Bender Music Group
  • Kevin Conroy, Executive VP of Worldwide Marketing, BMG Entertainment
  • Lisa Lewis, Senior Director, Music Marketing Network
  • Matt Mason, Executive Director of Marketing, BitTorrent, Inc.
  • Michael Brandvold, Michael Brandvold Marketing
  • Mktg Brian Murphy, EVP / GM, Warner Custom Music, corporate marketing division for Warner Music Group
  • Phil Sandhaus, Managing Partner, Membrain LLC
  • Raj Singh, Mobile Consulting / Strategy / Product Planning / Definition Expert
  • Rev. Marilyn Ann Batchelor, Founder, TBG Entertainment Marketing
  • Ric Curtice, Sales, Marketing & Distribution Executive, Prime Time Entertainment
  • Scott Meldrum, CEO and Founder, Hype Council
  • Steven Berman, head of Marketing & Sales, Interscope Records
  • Susan Rosenberg, President, Magenta Marketing
  • Tom Corson, VP of Marketing, Capitol Records
  • Wendy Hafner, Director of Music Marketing, Intel Corp.
  • Will Hobbs, Director of Marketing, Internet Underground Music Archive

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Merchandising & Endorsements

  • Dell Furano, head of Live Nation’s merchandising division
  • Greg Weisman, Esq. Partner/Shareholder with Silver & Freedman, PLC

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  • Arne Lucas, Director of Mobile Marketing, INgrooves / Consultant, Illiance Creative Group
  • Kahlil Najar, Mobile Manager, INgrooves Fontana
  • Raj Singh, CEO of Tempo AI, Mobilist

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Music Publishing, Licensing, Film Music

  • Alan Melina, Managing Partner, New Heights Ent., and President/Managing Partner of Sunset Blvd. Ent.
  • Angela Rose White, Founder, David Rose Publishing and DaBet Music Services
  • Anna Jaskiewicz, Manners McDade
  • Brandon Haas, Glassnote Music Publishing
  • Brooke Wentz, The Rights Workshop
  • Bruce Burch, Director, Joel A. Katz Music and Entertainment Business Program Kennesaw State University. Former Creative Director, EMI Music Publishing and hit songwriter
  • Charlie Mac, CEO, Music Supervisor, A&R, Mac A Million Dollar Man Musick
  • Chris Austria, Director of Licensing, Independent Distribution Collective
  • Cindy Rosmann, Owner, Fuze Artz LLC
  • David Hilker, CEO, Whirled Music Publishing, Inc.
  • Dr. E. Michael Harrington
  • Ed Razzano, VP Global Synch Operations & Systems, BMG Chrysalis US
  • Jeff Brabec, Esq., VP of Business Affairs, Chrysalis Music Group
  • Jeff Daniel, President, Rock River Music
  • Joe Mondry, Creative Manager, Cherry Lane Music Publishing
  • John Anderson, Senior VP, Film & TV Music, Windswept Pacific
  • Kenny Ochoa, Vice President, Music Licensing at Sony Music Entertainment
  • Les Scott, Director of Catalog Licensing, Source Q Boutique
  • Lisa Klein, Licensing & Placement, Optic Noise
  • Melissa Love, Music Licensing, Clearance & Supervision
  • Michael Davenport, CEO, Expressive Artists
  • Michelle Bayer, Founder, Shelly Bay Music
  • Mike Knobloch, VP, Film Music, Twentieth Century Fox
  • Neil Lawi, General Manager, WWE Music Group, A Division of World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.
  • Oscar Mazzola, A&R Rep, EMI Music Publishing, Film Soundtrack Division
  • Peter Jansson, CEO, Janssongs Consultants
  • Randall Miller, film and television director, Unclaimed Freight Productions
  • Randy Gerston, VP, Lightstorm Music
  • Rene Merideth, Co-Founder & COO, Exploration
  • Rich Goldman, President, Riptide Music
  • Robert Walls, Music Publisher, Red Queen Music
  • Ron Broitman, Vice President, Film, TV & Advertising Music, Sony / ATV Music Publishing
  • Simon Horrocks, Affix Music
  • Simon Pursehouse, Sentric Music
  • Stacey Powells, music clearance and licensing specialist
  • Stone Stafford, President, Prolific Music Publishing
  • Tammy Hurt, Managing Partner, Placement Music
  • Todd Homme, Executive in Charge of Music for DreamWorks Pictures
  • Tom Rowland, Senior VP Film & TV Music, Universal Music Enterprises

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Music Supervisors

  • Alex Hackford, Director of A&R at Sony Computer Entertainment / Playstation
  • Alex Lodge, Felt Music, Music Supervisor
  • Alexandra Nickson, Music Supervisor, ABC Family Television
  • Alexandra Patsavas, Music Supervisor, Chop Shop
  • Alyson Vidoli, Music Supervisor, Go Music Services
  • Andrea von Foerstser, Music Supervisor, Firestarter Music
  • Angel Mendoza, Music Supervisor, AV Squad
  • Angela Leus, Director of Film Music, Universal Pictures
  • Ann Kline, Music Supervisor, Casa Kline
  • Bobby Gumm, VP of Music, Trailer Park
  • Brandon Young, Director of Music Affairs, Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Brian Jones, Music Supervisor, BANG Music
  • Bridget O’Gara Bloom, Founder, The Cellar Music
  • Carolyn Richardson, Music Supervisor, Entertainment Tonight and The Insider
  • Chris Mollere, Music Supervisor (Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars)
  • Christian Mix-Linzer, Founder & CEO, Tracks & Fields
  • Dan Wilcox, Independent Music Supervisor / KCRW DJ
  • Danny Exum, Music Director, mOcean
  • David Taylor, Music Supervisor, Media Arts Lab
  • Dirk Reichardt, Music Supervisor, Barefoot Music
  • Eric Johnson, Music Supervisor, Search Party Music
  • Gary Calamar, Music Supervisor, GO Music (True Blood, Dexter, House)
  • Gerrit Winterstein, White Horse Music
  • Greg Sweeney, Music Supervisor, Mob Scene Creative
  • Harlan Goodman, Senior VP, Music & Production Division, Motion Picture Group, Paramount Pictures
  • Heather Kreamer, Music Supervisor, Create Advertising
  • Holly Hung, Music Supervisor, Mob Scene Creative
  • Iain Cooke, Music Supervisor
  • Jean Scofield, Music Producer, McGarry Bowen
  • Jennifer Stilson, Vice President of Creative Music Integration, VH1
  • Jessica Dierauer, Executive Producer Music & Creative Content, Young & Rubicam
  • Jim Black, Music Supervisor, Clearsongs Founder
  • Joe Rudge, Music Supervisor, Search Party Music
  • John Houlihan, Music Supervisor (55+ feature films, Mortal Kombat, Love
  • Jonathan Leahy, Music Supervisor, Aperture Music
  • Josh Rabinowitz, Head of Music, Grey Worldwide
  • Julianne Jordan, Music Supervisor
  • Kevin M. Wilson, Director of Music, ESPN
  • Kier Lehman, VP of Music Creative at Sony Pictures
  • Lauren King, Executive Producer & Music Supervisor, Young & Rubicam
  • Liz Gallacher, Music Supervisor, Velvet Ears
  • Lloyd Winston, Senior Manager, Brand Partnerships & Music Licensing, at GreenLight – A division of Corbis Entertainment
  • Madonna Wade-Reed, Music Supervisor, Whoopsie Daisy Music
  • Marcy Bulkeley, Music Director, Big Picture Entertainment
  • Marisa Wasser, Music Supervisor, Deutsch
  • Matt Biffa, Music Supervisor, Air-Edel Associates
  • Matt Levine, Music Supervisor, Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Maura Duval Griffin, Music Supervisor, Toy Box Entertainment
  • Maya Halfon, Music Supervisor, Microsoft / xBox
  • Michael Hill, Music Supervisor, Nurse Jackie
  • Michael Rajna, Director of Licensing, Konami
  • Mike Boris, Senior VP / Executive Music Producer, McCann Erickson
  • Milena Fassman, Founder, Cinesong, and Music Supervisor
  • Natalie Baartz, Music Director, Ignition Creative
  • P.J. Bloom, Music Supervisor, Neophonic
  • Patrick Buchanan, Music Supervisor, Ignition Creative
  • Paul Greco, Director of Music & Radio Production, J. Walter Thompson
  • Paul Logan, Manager of Creative Music Integration, VH1
  • Rachel Levy, Senior Vice President, Motion Picture Music, Universal Pictures
  • Raphaella Lima, Music Supervisor, Electronic Arts
  • Robyn Booker, Music Supervisor, Ant Farm
  • Russell Ziecker, Executive VP of Television Music for Lionsgate
  • Ryan Fitch, Music Producer, Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Samuel Diaz, Associate Director Music Supervision, CBS Television Studios
  • Sanaz Lavaedian, Music Supervisor, mOcean
  • Sara Matarazzo, Executive Producer & Music Supervisor, Search Party Music
  • Scott McDaniel, Music Supervisor, NBC Universal
  • Serena Undercofler, Music Supervisor, BLT & Associates
  • Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Marketing, and President of Artwerk Music Group for Electronic Arts
  • Susan Stone, Music Supervisor, Tonic
  • Thomas Golubic, Music Supervisor, Super Music Vision
  • Todd Porter, Producer + Music Supervisor Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
  • Toddrick Spalding, Music Supervisor, High Bias Industries
  • Tony Von Pervieux, Music Supervisor
  • Vanessa Jorge, Aspect Ratio, Music Supervisor

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Press, Social Media, PR

  • Allen Gordon, Executive Editor, Rap Pages, the national hip-hop bible
  • Bernard Baur, Music Connection A&R/Features Editor
  • Bill Werde, Associate Editor, Rolling Stone Magazine
  • Bob Greenberg, former president, Hitmakers Magazine
  • Brian Regan, Director of Corporate Communications and Special Projects,
  • Bruce Haring, author of “Beyond the Charts: MP3 and the Digital Revolution” and USA Today hi-tech/entertainment reporter
  • Bryn Bridenthal, Head of Publicity, Geffen Records
  • Cary Baker, Director of Publicity, Morgan Creek Records
  • Christopher Buttner, PRThatRocks.com
  • Corey Denis, Founder, Not Shocking
  • Dasha Ware, Founder & Principal, The Rising Star Group, LLC
  • Dave Adelson, Executive Editor of HITS Magazine and Music Producer, E!mEntertainment Television
  • Dee Dee M. Cocheta-Williams, Principal of A.B.C. Publicity and Founder, Queens Never Quit
  • Elysa Gardner, Music Critic & Pop Music Reporter, USA Today
  • Fiona Bloom, Founder, The Bloom Effect
  • Fletcher Foster, Senior Director of National Publicity & Media Relations, Arista Records
  • Gary Bongiovanni, Editor-In-Chief, Pollstar Magazine
  • Geoff Mayfield, Director of Charts, Billboard Magazine
  • Hisham Dahud, Music and Technology Analyst at Hypebot.com & Business Development at Fame House
  • J. Scavo, General Manager, MySpace Records
  • Jeffrey Jolson-Colburn, Senior Music Reporter, Hollywood Reporter
  • Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound
  • John Schoenberger, Adult Alternative Editor, Radio & Records
  • Karen Glauber, VP / Post Modern Editor, HITS Magazine
  • Ken Schlager, Co-Executive Editor, Billboard Information Group
  • Madalyn Sklar, President, GoGirlsMusic.com/Social Networks For Musicians
  • Michael Levine, Founder & President, Levine Communications
  • Nancy Byron, OGPR Marketing & Public Relations, Inc.
  • Phyllis Pollack, head of gangsta rap publicity specialists Def Press
  • Rachel Cox, DAS Communications
  • Roy Trakin, Senior Editor, HITS Magazine
  • Steve LaBate, Director of Publicity, Baby Robot Media
  • Tara Murphy, President, 360 Media

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  • Ben Bidlack, Producer, Bees & Honey Music
  • Billy Hume, Grammy-nominated Mixer / Producer / Songwriter
  • Bradford Rogers, Producer and founder / owner of independent label Worldsongs Media
  • Derek Bramble, multi-platinum producer
  • Desmond Child, producer-songwriter with 69 Top 40 hits
  • Dick Wagner, Partner, Desert Dream Productions, producer / songwriter
  • DJ Ashba, Ashbaland, Inc., SIXX AM (with Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx), producer
  • Erik Griggs, Grammy-nominated Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist
  • Matt Still, Grammy-winning Producer, Engineer & Mixer
  • Michael Carey, Founder & Creative Director, Resonation
  • Monica Tannian, President, Milk Money Consulting (represents producers)
  • Rick Nowels, Grammy Award-winning producer
  • Sean Beaven, producer
  • Steve Lillywhite, multi-platinum and Grammy-winning producer
  • The Underdogs, Harvey Mason, Jr. and Damon Thomas (multiple dates)

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Radio / Promotion

  • Andrew Jeffries, Head of AC Formats at 1043 MYFM (Hot AC) and KOST 103.5-FM (AC)
  • Cagle Lee, Program Director, WSB-FM
  • Chris Douridas, Program Director, KCRW 89.9 FM
  • Darren Rose, Programming Coordinator & Local Music Director, 98.7-FM
  • Greg Lee, VP of Promotion, Warner Bros. Records
  • Howard Miura, Director of Promotion, Island Records
  • Howie Rosen, President, Howie Rosen Promotions
  • Jerry Clark, JFC, Inc., Radio Promotions
  • Jerry Lembo, President, Jerry Lembo Entertainment Group
  • Julie Pilat, Assistant Program Director / Music Director at KIIS FM and Program Director at KYSR 98.7-FM
  • Mike Klein, VP of Promotion, Gold Circle Entertainment
  • Mike Morrison, Program Director, KSCA 101.9 FM
  • Nic Harcourt, Music Director for KCRW 89.9-FM and Host of “Morning Becomes Eclectic”
  • Radio Joe Jenkins, Head of Promotion, Stone’s Throw Records
  • Seth Lepore, Founder, Engine That Could Promotions
  • Steal, VP of Programming at Power 106 (KPWR) / Emmis Radio Properties
  • Ted Volk, head of Alternative Promotion, Geffen Records
  • Terry Anzaldo, Head of Promotion, Maverick Records
  • Thomas Westfall, National Director Alternative Promotion, Jeff McClusky & Associates

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Record Labels

  • Armando Sanchez, President, South Central Music Source, LLC
  • Brian Shafton, Partner, RBC Records
  • Eric Lemasters, VP of Business Development, KOCH Entertainment
  • Gregg Latterman, President, Aware Records
  • Howie Klein, President, Reprise Records
  • Jenn Littleton, General Manager, Ironworks Music
  • Jerry Greenberg, former president of Atlantic Records
  • Jimmy Dickson, VP of New Media, Warner Bros. Records
  • Joe Escalante, President, Kung Fu Records
  • Jon Levy, CEO, Moonshine Music
  • Jon Stone, Founder, Deepfreeze Music
  • Jonathan McHugh, Director of Film Music, A&M Records
  • Josh Wittman, Director of Technology, Mammoth Records
  • Karen DeMarr, Associate Director, Administration, Atlantic Records
  • Ken Mary, VSR Music Group President, hit-maker, producer, writer
  • Kevin Ertell, Senior VP of Online Operations, Tower Records
  • Larry Weintraub, VP of Artist Relations/Artist Development, A&M Records
  • Lars Murray, Director of New Media, RykoDisc
  • Leah Streetman, Sr. Director, Strategic Alliances / Film & TV, Universal Motown Republic Group
  • Lori Lambert, Senior VP of Strategic Alliances, Universal Motown Republic Group
  • Marjorie Gayle, Director of Human Resources, Sony Music
  • Michael Zimmerlich, President & Founder, 80 / 20 Records
  • Nichelle Poindexter, Senior VP, Music World Entertainment’s Music World Gospel division
  • Ricardo Vinas, Owner, Thrive Records
  • Roger W. Christian, Founder, RCEG Entertainment Group
  • Rory Felton, Partner, The Militia Group
  • Syd Schwartz, VP of Interactive Marketing, Virgin Records
  • Todd Steinman, Director of New Media, Warner Bros. Records

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  • Andrew Koski, MBA, Partner, Miller Kaplan, Licensing & Royalties
  • Roy Bruce Lampcov, North American Representative, Fintage Music
  • ROY Dan Millington, PPL Performer Account Manager
  • Roy Joseph Rust, CPA, CFP, Partner, PragerMetis CPAs
  • Roy Linda Becker, MBA, Consultant and Former Partner, Licensing & Royalties at Miller Kaplan

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  • Betsy Berkhemer, President, Berkhemer / Clayton Executive Search Firm
  • Bill Simon, Managing Director, Global Entertainment Media Division, Korn/Ferry International
  • Brad Duea, President of Napster
  • Brian Litman, Co-Founder, President & CEO, PlayMedia Systems, Inc.
  • David Archambault, VP, General Manager, WarnerActive
  • David Chaitt, Manager of Social Distribution at Oddcast, SoundCtrl blogger, social media strategist
  • Doug Richter, Director of Online Marketing, Wherehouse Music
  • Erinn Whiteside, Director of Human Resources, The Recording Academy
  • Isaac Bess, YouTube Music
  • Jacob Meador, Mastering Engineer
  • James Barber, Artist Development
  • James Kelley, Wire Road Studios
  • Jason Zada, Director at Tool, former Executive Creative Director and Founder of EVB
  • Jeremy Eskenazi, Director, Strategic Staffing, Universal Corporate
  • Jerry Rubinstein, Chairman/CEO, Digital Music Express
  • Jim Griffin, CEO, Cherry Lane Digital
  • Jorge Santos, Omega Mastering
  • Lori Fena, Chairperson, Electronic Frontier Foundation and TRUSTe
  • Lou Plaia, Founder/VP Music Industry Relations, ReverbNation
  • Mark Tindle, Senior VP & General Manager, West Coast, Nielsen Music
  • Martin Pazzani, CEO in Resident, Bluestone Partners
  • Michael Mikulka, Lucky Run Studio
  • Michael Robertson, President, MP3.com
  • Mike Urner, VP of Investments, UBS Financial Services Inc.
  • Pandy Raye, Co-Founder, Chicks With Picks
  • Peter Spellman, Music Business Solutions
  • Randy Eckhardt, Founder & CEO, Eckhardt Consulting
  • Rick Goetz, Founder, MusicianCoaching.com
  • Ritch Esra, Publisher, Music Business Registries
  • Sandy Roth, Director of Human Resources, EMI Music Distribution
  • Steve Jones, Brash Music
  • Thomas A. White, Consultant, Record and Music Publishing Industries
  • Thomas Dolby, musician, composer and CEO of Headspace, Inc.
  • Tom Murphy, Digital Media Technologist
  • Tom Osborn, General Manager, iMUSIC / ARTISTdirect

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